Bengaluru: The alleged difference between arrested actresses Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani during Celebrity Cricket League a few years ago is still being pursued by both the actresses.

The actresses who are not on talking terms were made to stay in the same room after their alleged links in the drug case. After spending one night, on Thursday both were given separate rooms.

Sanjjanaa who was reportedly adamant on the first day at the remand home, did not eat and also demanded that she be allowed to speak to her family. However, last night she was at peace and also had her dinner given by the police.

The actress is said to have slept and looked normal.

The actresses have denied their roles in the drug case and claimed innocence.

CCB officials first arrested their aides and then arrested the actresses. Initially, only raids were conducted at their houses and then they were taken to CCB office. Later they were arrested.