A lust filled senior cop from Ranchi in Jharkhand state brought shame to police fraternity after he allegedly molested a young aged woman cop who approached him to get leave sanctioned.

The horrible incident took place on Wednesday evening when the victim went into Jemadar Shatrughan Singh's chamber after he summoned her.

Seeing the lady cop in the tight fitted uniform, the lust filled cop Singh tried to outrage her modesty.

The victim raided the alarm and cried for help. Soon, other officials in the station barged in and upon learning about the incident, trashed the accused cop.

Realising that now he will not just be subjected to punishment but also will be shamed to the core in the department, Singh fell at the victim's feet and asked her to forgive him and close the matter.

But the issue had already reached the Senior Superintendent of Police's office and the accused cop was placed under suspension and cases under relevant sections of IPC have been registered.

Now in the Ranchi area where the incident took place, the locals have begun to identify Singh as 'woman' harasser.