Vijaypura: A transgender was caught red-handed, while other members of his gang managed to escape after a robbery bid at a reputed saree showroom in Muddebihal of the Vijaypura taluk.

However, the gang’s plan was foiled due to alertness of a Gurkha on night duty.

The robbers had gained access into the saree shop by breaking open the shutter and had even bundled up sarees, which were worth Rs 3-4 lakhs.

The robbery, however, was a failure as Gurkha Bahadur Singh who was on night duty at that time arrived at the spot.

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Noticing that the shutter lock was broken, Bahadur Singh immediately contacted the shop owner over the phone.

Overhearing the noise from outside, the gang tried to flee the spot. While others managed to escape the Gurkha managed to catch the transgender robber.

The transgender was later handed over to the Vijaypura police.

During questioning, he revealed that he wanted money to fund his sex reassignment surgery and thus he resorted to robbery.