Kalaburagi: Amidst the ongoing drugs scandal in Karnataka the police in Kalaburagi raided a sugarcane field where marijuana plants were stealthily grown.

Kalaburagi cops have seized more than 6,000 ganja plants which were grown in the sugarcane field.

The police are on the lookout for both owners of this field where ganja was allegedly grown.

Owners Hanumanta Raya Nayak and Bhima Raya Nayak are on the run after their fields were raided.

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The police said that the Kalaburagi which shares borders with Telangana and Maharashtra makes it an ideal choice for drug smugglers to hide and transport from here.

"Hyderabad city is very near to this district. The city also has a large population of IT employees. Thus, storing, or growing ganja becomes ideal here. Besides this, transporting drugs especially ganja from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra become very easy as it is well connected with these states," a police officer said.

Addressing the media, Kalaburagi Superintendent of Police, Simi Mariam George said that the field is in the middle of the forest area and only a narrow path leads to this field.

The widespread hunt for the ganja growers or stockists commenced after Bengaluru Police had seized 1,350kg of ganja from a sheep farm about a month ago.