A 37-year-old Muslim woman had approached Gujarat Police after her second husband with Talibani mindset prevented her from jeans and passed lewd comments. And on one occasion, he trashed her after she overheard him talking to his friend.

The primitive mindset husband is identified as Javed and this is his third marriage.

Recently, the woman who is a call centre employee, went against her husband's warning and wore jeans, upon seeing her in jeans, he used derogatory remarks against her.

The woman is living independently with Javed in a flat gifted by her father. He also forced her on several occasions to get the flat ownership transferred to her name.

He also raised objections of his in-laws coming to see her often. Apart from Javed, her in-laws also tortured her mentally.

Sarkhej Police have taken the complaint and are investigating the matter.

Recently, in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim man identified as Anas divorced his wife after she did not wear jeans and danced before him whenever he asked her to do.

Earlier in 2019, a Hindu man divorced his wife in Rajasthan as she did not apply sindoor and did not wear a saree. His complaint was that his wife wears jeans even after marriage and prefers to live like his girlfriend rather than his choice of a 'cultured' wife.