Amboli (Maharashtra): A 46-year-old man is accused of inserting an aluminium rod in his wife's private part before performing unnatural sex and pronouncing triple talaq because she refused to cooperate with his first's wife's daughter in doing household chores.

On June 3, he ordered her to help his older daughter from a previous marriage in doing house chores.

As per the accused’s third wife, she was forced into marriage by her parents in 2018 and her husband was already married twice and had children from the two marriages. The complainant also said that he would watch porn and force her to consume drinks spiked with sedatives. He would also allegedly later ask her to imitate pornographic video acts and perform unnatural sex. As per her complaint, on August 28, he inserted an aluminium rod in her private part, which led to profuse bleeding. The women suffering from pain allegedly refused and said she will not be able to do any work. This infuriated the husband, who tried to divorce her instantly by pronouncing triple talaq.

The woman also mentioned that he doesn't want any offspring from her and would give her contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy.

Soon after the alleged incident, the woman left the house and returned to her brother’s house and filed a complaint with Amboli Police. Police have registered a case and her husband is yet to be arrested.