Bengaluru: Royal Challengers of Bengaluru have been marred with a string of defeats. During a recent game, an RCB fan in Bengaluru broke his television screen in anger.

A video shared by RCB fan on YouTube channel shows a fan waiting with a bat while watching the RCB match against Kolkata Knight Riders on April 5.

The person recording the video shouts, "It is a disgrace, break the TV." A couple of seconds later, the fan breaks the TV screen and strikes it repeatedly with the bat while the commentary continues.


After RCB lost their sixth match against Delhi Capitals on their home turf the team was trolled heavily on social media, especially on Twitter. Twitterati have used clippings of movies, TikTok and other means to troll RCB.

The RCB team was also served some free advice on the side.


Despite all these, one can still safely say that the Royal challengers still have a lot of support from their fans.