Reigning president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly gave his fans a shock on Friday after a mild heart attack. Nonetheless, he is out of danger now and is stable.

Friday round-up: It was on Friday morning when following a morning workout, he complained of severe chest pain. As he was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata, he was reported to have suffered a mild heart attack. Later in the evening, he underwent angioplasty surgery and is in a stable condition right now.

As for his condition on Saturday, besides being stable, he underwent a series of tests, including ECG, Echocardiography, and Comorbidity, while his blood pressure and pulse remain stable. He slept peacefully throughout the night without any events, while his wife, Dona, and daughter, Sana, are at the hospital, reports News18.

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The reports of tests have also come in: ECG- Acute inferolateral wall myocardial infarction, Echocardiography- Mild inferior wall hypokinesia and Comorbidity- no known comorbidities. He also underwent a test for COVID-19, which turned out to be negative, while his doctors (Dr Saroj Mandal, Dr Soutik Panda, Dr Saptarshi Basu) are keeping a strict eye on his health and progress.

One of the doctors updated, “He had an uneventful last night and presently Afebrile (not feverish)... He is sleeping now,. He will be requiring another angioplasty because of the triple vessel disease. But that depends on how his condition is. He is, however, out of danger now.”

Meanwhile, president of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) told ANI, “Sourav Ganguly is stable. He has interacted with us. CM spoke to me & told me particularly that we must ensure that all players undergo health check-up. We will abide by her suggestion & do whatever is necessary."

In the meantime, Dr Mandal has sated that Ganguly has been diagnosed with three blocked coronary arteries. A stent had to be inserted for the blockage to be removed, while more stents could be inserted, depending on his health condition, and a call would be taken later.

In an afternoon update from the hospital, Woodlands CEO, Dr Rupali Basu, said that Ganguly might not require bypass surgery. At the same time, another angioplasty is scheduled to be performed in the upcoming 48 hours.