Sharia court in Uttar Pradesh which deals with kidnaps and murders witnessed a bizarre case of a woman seeking divorce on the grounds of 'too much of love from her husband'.

However, the husband has appealed to the court to dismiss the case stating that they will settle it mutually.

As per a media report, the woman from Sambhal says, her husband in 18 months of marriage has never picked up any fight and every time she makes a mistake, he ignores it or forgives her.

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Interestingly, he even cooks for her and helps her in daily chores. It seems that though he tries hard to be, what he considers a good husband, he just doesn’t fit the bill.

The matter first reached the local panchayat, but they were unable to settle the case.

“Mera dum ghuta hai” the woman was quoted as saying in the report which means she feels suffocated in such a situation, adding that she is unable to digest her husband's love.