No, its not a toy. There is one such car in existence and this car that you see in the picture is actually a specially designed and customised Jeep Cherokee made to show off Verizon Telematics’ Hum system. 


Let's not get into the technicalities of the car but look at the marvellous use of this contraption. Just look at this car go, not one, two or three, it races ahead of nine cars without causing a jam or a honking! 


Now isn't this the apt solution, no need for steel flyovers or Metros, but imagine if all of us were get our hands on this kind of vehicle! It would have been a sea  sea of ramped up cars and who knows at every Traffic jam it would be close to doing the Mexican Wave. Luckily, there is only one of its kind and it has built for an advertising's Verizon's automotive connected tech.