Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) will become mandatory come April. This means that two-wheelers will be featuring daytime running lights (DRLs) that we find in cars and high-end bikes.  


Under this order the two-wheeler manufacturers will no longer build an on/off switch seen on the right handlebar located between the engine kill switch and the electric start button. By doing so, bike owners will not be able to switch off the headlamp when the bike is turned on, as is the practice.


This feature has been present on two-wheelers in European countries and has been a mandate there since 2003.


The importance of such feature in India comes from the data collected by the government showing how in the two-wheeler segment alone 32,524 people were killed and another 1,27,452 injured in crashes the previous year.


Often in case of an accident, most commonly heard excuse is the oncoming car or vehicle failed to notice the motorcycle rider. Especially when it comes to highway riding. On a bright summer day it is often difficult to spot a motorcycle rider, but research has shown that the use of headlights during the day can greatly decrease the risk of an accident by making vehicles more visible to passing motorists.


Experts say that oncoming motorists are able to detect a headlight long before they can make out the motorcycle or its rider. Many motorists have also argued against implementation of this because they say this drains out the battery, well in such cases, it is advisable for you to run your motorcycle by a mechanic, it could be the result of a faulty technique you are using or a glitch in the wires.