A video of a motorcycle accident is going viral on social media. The CCTV footage shows Australian rider Aron Wood being hit by a mattress which also saved his life. 

Wood was riding through Clem 7 tunnel in Brisbane at 50mph when he got smashed by a flying mattress. The unsecured piece of bedding flipped off from a truck that was passing by and struck the motorcycle. 

The visuals show how the mattress fall off the truck, spiralling in the air, till it hit the motorcyclist. 

Wood would have gotten seriously injured if the mattress hadn't slowed him down. 

"The bedding went under the bike and flipped me onto my front wheel for about 50 m," the rider said. 


A car behind him soon slowed down, and this saved his life. 

"I was very lucky to come out unscathed as the vehicles behind me had time to stop. I have torn the grips off the handlebars. I am riding bikes for 20 years and something like this never happened before," Wood said. 

The truck might have been carrying an unsecured load, which is a ticketable offence, The driver was fined $275, the police said.