In a bizarre incident, the Wardhannapet police arrested two persons who were allegedly exploiting childless women by convincing them to strip to be able to have baby. They even claimed that their occult prayers would help them conceive. It is said that the men were approached by 10 women, five of whom were young and newly married. The men encouraged them to strip to nudity and offer puja with lemon, dry chillies and coconuts, while chanting mystic mantras. 

They were clever enough to choose a secluded area under a bridge near the SRSP canal, on the outskirts of Katriyala village in Wardhannapet mandal of Warangal Rural district for their illegal activities. On a similar such ritual, villagers spotted the women and identified them as acquaintances. Smelling foul play, they approached the police. According to the police,  Yadamma of Katriyala village, along with a male associate had been performing black magic for a long time by convincing women that their prayers could do miracles and even lift the curse that rendered women childless. 

The victims were later counselled by the police not to believe in such superstition. While the matter is under investigation for other angles, police is trying to dig out other information pertaining to the duo.