Veteran Tollywood actor Dr. Rajasekhar in an interview in the Youtube confessed to having had extramarital affairs. After his recent blockbuster hit PSV Garuda Vega, Rajasekhar came back with a bang and is high on his success.

Rajasekhar is married to actress Jeevitha and they are famous as a celebrity couple seen together everywhere. This impression is shattered with Rajasekhar’s statement that he had affairs but he said they were all accidental and one-night stand types.

When asked about the controversial statement of Tara Choudhary that she had an affair with him, Rajasekhar said he didn’t have any affair with her but she might have showed some picture which she had taken with him at some function.

The bold confession of Rajasekhar was applauded by some for his guts but a few trolled at him.