5 unexpected uses of aluminium foil

By lakshmi nmFirst Published Sep 28, 2016, 9:14 AM IST
  • Aluminium foil is not just used to wrap food
  • It also has some unexpected uses that help rid of pain in various parts of the body

Aluminium foil is a kitchen must-have, but, have you ever used it for anything other than to wrap-up food?

Studies have found that aluminium foil can be used to heal several ailments of the body. Many Chinese and Russian healers have utilised the benefits of foil since time immemorial for rapid healing.


Here are  some surprising healing techniques using aluminium foil. 



1. Pain treatment 

If you are experiencing pain in your joints, neck, back, leg or arm, wrap the affected area with aluminium foil and fix it with a bandage. Allow it to remain at least for three to four hours or overnight. You will get relief. If the pain persists, try this method regularly for 10 to 12 days, and you will completely get rid of your pain. 


2. Anti-inflammatory effect 



To treat flu and cold, wrap your feet in five to six layers of foil by placing a layer of cloth or paper between each layer. Leave it for an hour. Remove it and repeat the process after two hours. Do this three times, and you will get rid of flu and cold.


3. Treatment of burn




Aluminium foil can be used as a first aid to help heal minor burns. A wrap with aluminium foil will help alleviate the pain, and to reduce skin inflammation. Before wrapping aluminium foil, cover the wound using gauze, after cleaning and applying ointment over the burn. 




4. Treat fatigue



Wrapping your legs in aluminium foil will make you feel fresh. How you wonder? Simply, put some strips in the freezer for about two to three hours, and then wrap your legs with these strips. You can also try putting these frozen strips on the face. The method will not only help relax your muscles and alleviate the signs of stress, but also remove signs of fatigue and insomnia instantly.


5. Treat phantom pain



An article in the British Journal of Pain states that wrapping amputated limb in aluminium foil tightly will help you get rid of the pain. 

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