By Team Asianet Newsable | 12:14 PM July 16, 2017
Son tries to hack parents for not serving enough chicken


  • Not getting served enough chicken pieces has led to a crime
  • A man attacked his parents with an axe
  • His mother’s condition is critical and she has been shifted to Hyderabad for treatment

A young man tried to hack his parents for not serving him enough chicken curry for dinner. This incident came into light this weekend. The incident took place in east thanda of Kasarlapahad region, Jajireddygudem Mandal, Suryapet District.


According to the information given by the police and the villagers, Banoth Tharya and Somili of East thanda has two sons and three daughters.  His two sons and their families lived with them. The eldest son Banoth Srinu was married in 2012 but within six months his wife took a divorce because of his ill treatment. Since then, Srinu has not been completely of sound mind and is known to ill-treat his family as well.


On Thursday night, chicken curry was prepared for dinner. Srinu shouted at his parents for giving him few pieces of meat. While his brother and wife were asleep inside the home, Srinu and his parents slept on the porch. Around midnight Srinu bolted the door from the outside and hacked his father Tharya with an axe. When his mother Somili came in between he also hacked her on the head. The brother couldn’t come out because of locked door and called his neighbours through the phone. By then, Srinu had run away.


The injured were taken to the local Suryapet hospital. The condition of Somili worsened and was shifted to Hyderabad. Srinu was arrested and sent to remand, said Arvapally S.I. Mohan Reddy. This incident for just a few chicken pieces, created a sensation in Nalgonda and Suryapet districts.

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