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How a techie turned into the 'drug-king' of Hyderabad


  • A young Hyderabad techie turned his house in a modern drug lab.
  • He made LSD and several hallucinogens from there.
  • He was procuring the chemicals from Netherlands and Russia.

In the massive drug bust that has shaken the entire state including the film industry, the police now have landed up a young techie, who it turns out was “drug king” of Hyderabad. The young engineer operated a chemical lab and had connections as far as in Netherlands, from where he used to import chemicals.

Techie turned Drug-king

In one of the raids, the state police arrested Piyush, fairly accomplished city youth who studied Cybernetics and used to work for leading company as an engineer. He lived in East Maredpall and his house was the chemical lab.

During the raid, the police 80 LSD Blots and 2746 Stipla drug cocktail. Apart from these 20 gms marijuana, 40 gms of caffeine powder, Venlar-XR 150 mg capsules, four Penegra tablets and 10 gms Axepta were found on him.

30 thousand LSD blots can be made out of one LSD crystal. Piyush imported these crystals from Netherlands. He credited their payment to Munich Bank. The company’s address was in Moscow. Each blot when sold earned a profit of Rs. 1500. He mixed LSD crystals with other drugs in his laboratory and made sleeping pills, antidepressants and medicine to cure erectile dysfunction in men (aphrodisiac). He sold these medicines to the clientele in Hyderabad. He made a liquid form of the raw component and dipped into it the blotting paper imported from London and supplied that paper to clients in the name of LSD.

What made Piyush change?

Piyush completed his structural engineering course in 2010. He worked in two to three companies and used to make big money. But one day Piyush lost his job. He was addicted to drugs since his engineering days. He was introduced to LSD drug in a party. During his mental agony when he lost his job, he became an addict to this drug. He wanted money and he wanted drugs. He learnt about drugs through the internet, found out about the components and the measurements, experimented and finally found a new drug.

He experimented the new drug on himself and found it exciting. He gained information on how to procure raw materials in huge amounts from foreign countries through dark net. He found it profitable to make new drugs in Hyderabad. So he created his own lab and a private clientele.


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