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Versatyl Bomber: This ultimate jacket has room for all your gadgets


  • Versatyl Bomber is currently being crowd-funded on
  • Versatyl Bomber seems apt for bikers, cyclists, the outdoor enthusiasts, it isn't limited to just a traveler.
  • The inventory and working capital is almost zero as it gets funds in advance.




We live in the digital age, and travel these days isn't without all the gear. So, you will need your smartphones. Yes, a pair of earphones. On, and how can you forget that selfie stick. And, then there's also the portable charger. Well, the list is endless and would occupy a lot of space. What if a rugged jacket could fit it in all, and even more? That's exactly the problem Emirates Fashions' Versatyl wants to solve. 

Saneen Javali, an engineer at IBM and who is now one of the Directors and Chief Designer at Emirate Fashions wanted to solve the problem in a cost-efficient way and that led to designing the Versatyl Bomber. "Since Jackets are my area of expertise, It didn't take me long to understand the concept and implement it in a better way," he tells us. 

While Versatyl Bomber seems apt for bikers, cyclists, the outdoor enthusiasts, this 100% waterproof jacket isn't limited to just travellers. " It is a Multi purpose Jacket with 20 pockets which can carry your pens to iPads to documents whether you are travelling outdoor or to office or cycling or to a evening walk. Its a universal product and we have seen that in the pre-orders that  maybe just 15 % of users are hard core bikers who are looking at this as a bikers jacket," Javali adds. 

The Bomber jacket is currently being crowd-funded on While crowdfunding is at a nascent stage in India, Versatyl Bomber already has four successful crowdfunding campaigns with Fueladream. Javali points out that crowdfunding has helped the company in many ways. For instance, the inventory and working capital is almost zero as it gets funds in advance. "Fueladream helped us with branding , marketing and strategy - that makes a big difference to us as we get the advantage of their experience and knowledge. The combination of that has led to 4 successful campaigns for us and reinforced our belief that crowdfunding with Fueladream is the best way for innovators like us ," he added. 

Talking about the revenue, he tells us that, "We run a tight ship and have an efficient structure. We have automated machines with high labour productivity. Hence our prices are very reasonable .Crowdfunding allows us to further offer our products at affordable pricing and translates into good margins for us."

While you can check out the Versatyl Bomber campaign here where the jacket is available for purchase at an early bird price of Rs 1999. The company has just launched its new product for 2017 called Feather, which it claims is the world's lightest multi-utility jacket.  At a starting price of Rs 499, it weighs mere 179 grams and you can get a pack of two for 899 and a pack of 3 for 1299.

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