By Naina Khedekar | 11:02 AM March 07, 2017
This aerospace startup is vying to reach the moon


  • Team Indus is run by Axiom Research Labs, an aerospace startup, and the only team to compete for the Google Lunar XPrize.
  • It has a verified contract and is almost ready to send its rover on moon by December 2017.
  • The startup has also ensured to recruit a good number of women employees. 

Team Indus is participating in no ordinary competition. It involves building and taking a robot to the moon who will move 500 meters and transmit videos and photos back to the earth. Now, this is not an easy feat. And, we've managed to have a quick chat with Sheelika Ravishankar, the people lead at Team Indus also known as Jedi Master who tells us how the startup has a fairly decent gender ratio with 19-20 percent young bright women employees. 

Ravishankar's association with Team Indus began in early 2013 and by 2014 she was working full-time for the startup. She talks about the welcoming change that has transformed an engineering class with mere one or two girls to about 30 percent girl students in a class today. 


"At Team Indus, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, 17 or 70 years old, if you have an idea related to the moon mission, it will be appreciated," she said. Talking about the initial hurdles, she points out at credibility and technology. It was to prove to the world how a young team could pull off such a gigantic task that they know theoretically, but not practically. Today, Team Indus has about two dozen ex-ISRO scientists who guide and hold the team together. 


While Team Indus has been working on the project for years, it was in 2014 that boosted their morale further. The team was qualified for a milestone prize that required to prove their landing of the rover. They built the spacecraft in 100 days and achieved the soft landing that is the key part of the mission. Today, they have both credibility and technology. 


Watch the complete video below: 


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