By Naina Khedekar | 07:04 AM February 14, 2017
Aero India: How the 'aero' waste is being taken care of by this Bengaluru startup


  • The Aero India show will be held from 14 to 18 February.
  • The waste collected throughout these days will be taken care of by Bengaluru startup Reddonatura.

Big events mean big trash, but Aero India along with Bengaluru startup Reddonatura that manufactures machines that offer a decentralised process to help you make the transition from garbage to green. We had a quick chat with Abhishek Gupta, the MD and CEO at Reddonatura who tells us that it is for the first time that a global event of this magnitude will segregate waste right there via decentralised process using its machines.  

Reddonatura has voluntarily teamed up with Aero India, and this isn't the first time. It had a similar kind of collaboration with the Aero India Show back in 2015 too. However, it managed only the wet waste back then, and realised that such events see a higher volume of dry waste. This year, it has deployed 4 to 5 machines that will help converting wet waste to organic compost, and will also manage dry waste. 


The startup has also deployed a small team to handle the segregation. Gupta tells us as days pass and the number of people attending the event increase, more staff will be deployed to handle segregation at the event. 


The wet waste will be processed right there, cutting out the need to take all garbage to a centralised destination. It will be processed for over 24 hours to cover into compost. 


Dry waste would be sorted as per government norms and sent for recycling. He added that at such events, they have to deal with more of dry waste and less of wet waste. Moreover, Gupta added that once the cost is recovered, the remaining amount is given to charity. 


Gupta founded Reddonatura in 2013. It has over 300 installations of OWCs in varied capacities across India. The waste converter machines come with capacity to handle 25 kg/day up to 1250kg/day of waste. Just like Are India Show, Reddonatura also teams up to manage the waste at Auto Show that takes place in Delhi. 


Meanwhile, to prevent birds from flying near the Yelahanka Air Base during the 11th Edition of the Aero India show, BBMP has adopted many measures including shutting of meat shops located nearby the base. To avoid birds getting hit during the show, civic body has directed around 300 meat shops near the Yelahanka Air Base to shut their shops temporarily.

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