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10 Tips to protect your phone during monsoon


  • If your phone is wet, do not charge the device.
  • Do not use a hair dryer to dry the device.
  • Waterproof cases are a god option, and zip pouches a cheaper alternative. 

Monsoons are here, and though we love the respite from scorching heat, our gadgets aren't too happy about this season. Rains could become intruders in your favourite and expensive devices, especially smartphones that you carry along everyday. And, if stranded in heavy rains, it could completely damage your device. Here are 10 tips to protect your smartphones during monsoon.

Waterproof case

Get your smartphone a waterproof case. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to such cases. Leading e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon have several waterproof case options, and you also get cases specifically designed for your device.

Zip pouch

If you don't want to invest in a case, a zip pouch could be an alternative. Always keep your device in a zip pouch when on-the-go. These are easily available and an extremely affordable way to keep your device safe when travelling. Until you get your hands on a zip pouch, may be a simple plastic bag could come to the rescue.

Bluetooth headset

Get a Bluetooth headset to answer those important calls when travelling. This way you won't miss a call and also ensure that you don't have to pull out the device from your bag when its pouring.


If you don't have a headset and don't want to buy one, then try using a earphone. There are several earphones with a mic available at affordable prices. However, ensure you aren't using your expensive earphones, and opt for a cheaper one. 

Waterproof phones

Many phones come with the waterproof ability. However, either they are too expensive or do not completely support waterproofing. If you have that kind of money to spare, then a premium waterproof device could be a safe bet. However, read the fine print carefully to know how well it can safeguard your device. 


Now, in case you phone is subjected to water spill or takes a dip, it is best to quickly place it a box of rice (uncooked). This will help absorb the water.

Don't use a hair dryer

It is advised not to use a hair dryer. It won't really help, and rather damage the device further. You can rather take a hand towel and pat it dry, before dropping it in a jar of rice.

Silica gel

Just like rice grains, you can also place it in a bag with silica gel, which will also help absorb all the moisture. 

Don't charge your phone

If your phone is wet, do not charge the device. Do not be in a hurry to switch in on to check if its working. It is recommended not to plug in the charger until the device is completely dry.

Mobile insurance

If you own a high-end device and have spent enough money on the phone, that the equivalent could buy you gold jewellery, then a insurance could bring in some peace of mind and save some money. Phone companies do not offer warranty against water damage, theft and several other factors. Also, whatever little is offered, it is for a limited period. A mobile insurance could cover it all. You can choose from insurance that covers water damage. 

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