By Team Asianet Newsable | 11:17 AM June 28, 2017
Mech Engg applies for coach's job; Read what he has to say


  • Indian cricket fan, Upendra Nath Bramhachari's anger towards Kohli goes to a whole new level after he applies for the role of Indian cricket team's coach.
  • Upendra, who has no sports background, is a mechanical engineer.
  • He found the email address on the BCCI site to apply for the role.

Similar to many cricket fans in the country, Upendra Nath Bramhachari a mechanical engineer believed that Virat Kohli was the reason for Anil Kumble's exit as the coach.

However, this anger made the engineer take the step of applying for the job role of team india's coach. The email address to apply was available on the BCCI's site which is when Upendra took up this opportunity. His main aim while applying for this job was to "drag an arrogant Virat Kohli on right track".

What comes as a surprise though is his CV which is full of grammatical mistakes. He has stated: "After resignation of legendary cricketer Mr Anil Kumble I decided to apply the post of head coach of Indian Cricket team (men's) as I feel captain of the team India, Mr Kohli doesn't need a legend as a coach."

The engineer was not done yet. "If the CAC select any former cricketer (as per the requirement of BCCI advertisement) as coach he will also be insulted by Virat (sic) outcome will be like Anil." Bramhachari then "explains" why he is the "perfect choice" to become India coach despite having no cricketing background!
"Because I can adjust with arrogant attitude and no legend can do so and slowly I will drag (sic bring) him (back) to right track and then BCCI can appoint a legend as head coach," he argued.

While there are no marks for guessing that Bramhachari will not be shortlisted for interviews but the BCCI's increasing presence in social media has given rise to a situation where people can make fun at the expense of office- bearers.
Nearly a year and a half back when Shashank Manohar was the BCCI president, a Q & A session was organised for fans on BCCI's official Facebook Page.

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