By Yacoob Mohammed | 08:29 AM February 17, 2017
Bellandur lake spits fire, Pollution board slaps notice on BDA, BWSSB, BBMP


  • Bellandur lake once again caught fire on Thursday.
  • The pollution board has now asked for an explanation from BDA, BWSSB and BBMP.

The Bellandur lake once again is on fire and the city civic authorities, which is busy trading blames, has now been slapped with a notice by the State Pollution Board.


This is the third time that the highly polluted lake has caught fire. 


According to Professor TV Ramachandra, from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the collection of methane and phosphorus from detergent and soaps leads to frothing. Houses and industries release the effluents into the lake, and due to friction, it releases heat, which then catches fire.


With smoke toxic smoke from the lake entering homes, the residents even called in ambulances to treat anybody affected by the fumes.

"We could not breath; the fumes were all over, there was no visibility on the road as well. If this can happen during early summer, the situation will be even worse if this kind of incidents happens during March and April. 

Despite several complaints to BDA, BBMP and other authorities concerned, have not been taken any action to stop garbage and sewage into the lake," said Sonali, a resident.

Ram Prasad, convener of Friends Of Lakes says, the first person who should be held responsible is BDA as they are the custodian of the 900 acres Bellandur lake, the second person is BBMP for allowing the garbage being dumped and burnt. 

BWSSB is anyway on the list for allowing sewage into the lake. "It is up to Pollution Control Board to nail a particular agency," he said

Soon after the news spread, Lakshman, Chairman State Pollution Control Board visited the lake and took stock of the situation last night, and today he has scheduled a visit along with all the authorities and said he will send a notice.

"A show cause notice will be issued to BDA and BBMP first. They will have to explain how these incidents take place despite several warnings. The BBMP should ensure no garbage is thrown into the lake, or any other place except processing units. 

BDA is the custodian of the lake and it is their responsibility too to guard their home," said Lakshman.

 BWSSB will be asked to explain on its sewage treatment plant work progress, he said.

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