By Team Asianet Newsable | 07:14 AM March 13, 2017
Beggar turns midwife to help deliver child in Raichur district


  • The incident happened at the Manvi town junction in Raichur district. 
  • The pregnant woman collapsed at the bus stop and started bleeding.
  • The beggar played the midwife and few other ladies present nearby helped in delivering the girl child. 

When a 30-year-old pregnant woman collapsed at a busy junction, nobody including her husband knew what to do. This is when an old female beggar rushed in to save both the mother and the child. 


When a pregnant woman collapses in a public place, it can have multiple reactions, and most likely in today’s time, it will end up as a viral social media post displaying human apathy. However, when 30-year-old pregnant lady Yellamma, collapsed at the Manvi town junction in Raichur district of Karnataka, the story had a different, unexpected ending that proves that humanity still exists. 


Yellamma who went into labour and collapsed in the middle of the busy junction gave birth to a girl child on the spot and a 60-year-old female beggar sitting nearby played the role of a midwife to help deliver the baby, reported a national daily. Amidst the recent incidences of human apathy and growing atrocities against women in the state, this incident has emerged as a ray of hope for many. 


As per the Times of India report, the Yellamma and her husband were returning from Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), and when she got down from the bus, she fell. Pregnant Yellamma started bleeding, and her husband was in shock.


This was when the old female beggar rushed in to save both the mother and the yet-to-be-born child. She immediately took the role of a midwife, and other ladies present nearby provided help to deliver a healthy girl child. Once the baby was born, the beggar cum midwife reportedly disappeared.


Yellamma and the newborn were later admitted in the Manvi Government Hospital for proper care. This incident definitely proves that the society still has good Samaritans willing to offer help when needed. 

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