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Viral: This divorced man’s reason for staying in touch with his ex is brilliant


  • This man's post on why he keeps in touch with his ex-wife has gone viral


This man is the epitome of parent and relationship goals. When children see a good example set at home, it is but natural that they too will learn to imitate it later on in their life.

Dating is hard, and divorce even harder. And then there is the other hotly-contested debate: should you keep in touch with your ex?


Most kids intuitively pick up on their parents’ behaviour more than you give them credit for. And in cases of divorce, the way you model yourself sets an example for your children for years to come.


Meet this Boston-based dad, Billy Flynn Gladbois, who’s been hailed as a real man and a hero by the Internet purely for his commitment towards his children’s upbringing.


His heart-warming post on why he still keeps in touch with his ex-wife has gone viral with 215,518 shares and over 700,000 comments.


Read his post here.


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The post touched an emotional chord with many of the readers, and they, too, shared their experiences with their exes in the comment section.




There were a few, however, who didn’t buy his story entirely.



But it hasn’t always been this easy, as Gladbois himself admits. According to Indy 100, he said, “We didn't do as well as we would have liked in the first bit of our divorce. We had to take our lumps and learn our lessons along the way, that's for sure. We had things to overcome on both sides to be able to set our own cr*p aside to focus on the kids instead of our own anger and resentments. It's not easy, but it can be done!"


"We've worked hard over time to establish our boundaries and find ways to manage our interactions so our own issues are minimalised or left at home when it comes to the kids. It's an ongoing process but you can see a huge difference in the happiness and confidence and security of the boys since we started working at it"


Pinkaluru, Asianet Newsable’s campaign encourages each one of us to be upstanding individuals that we want to see in Bengaluru.  Respect starts at home, and this dad is a Pink Hero, and we should all take a leaf out of his book.

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