By Team Asianet Newsable | 11:36 AM January 23, 2017
Introducing Pinkalaru – The City for Women


  • Pinkaluru brings you Bengaluru  - The city for women
  • This is an invitation for all of us to become knights and Good Samaritans for Bengaluru

Asianet Newsable believes in Bengaluru city and wants to lead you on a journey to rediscovering and recovering the spirit of the Namma Bengaluru. Come be part of Pinkaluru and join us in loving Bengaluru again

The  New Year’s Eve incident exposed Bengaluru’s lesser known side to India. The irresponsibility of the city and the lack of safety for women in Bengaluru began to gain headlines. In no time the city, we call as our pride, was branded as “No City for Women”.


That is why Asianet Newsable has embarked on this mass movement that the city needs to resurrect Bengaluru and in the process understanding why and where all the city needs attention. That is why  -PINKALURU.


What is Pinkaluru?


Pinkaluru is an initiative to win Bengaluru back…from the “No City for Women tag” to a “The city for women” fame. Pinkaluru focuses on empowering women and eradicating the sense of fear that has pervaded the society over the past few weeks. No matter who you are or where you are in this city, Pinkaluru will stand up for you. It will remind you of the new norm and support you in every way. It’s a coming together of the best in Bengaluru for a better Bengaluru… where every woman can do what she wants, wear what she likes and go where she wishes at any time of the day/night.


Awareness, Alertness, Agility and Self-Defence, these are the markers that define Pinkaluru. The ways we as an individual, as women and as citizens come together to guarantee this cornerstone of civility. A repeat of what Rabindranath Tagore wished for our nation: Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high – we will make it happen for our women.


Let’s win Bengaluru back from the molesters, the eve-teasers, the name-callers, the gropers, the holy crappers, the insinuators, the intimidators, the bystanders and the shamers. You don’t need to be a Page 3 member or an IT employee to make a difference. Come together, raise your voices, join in the movement and take back Bengaluru. Men and women, girls and boys this is your moment to show how a people’s movement can overturn the chaos.


Pinkaluru it is!




Use #Pinkaluru, tag us on facebook, Asianet Newsable and share your experience, your stories of the moments when you were vulnerable but you escaped the situation by your alertness. Tell us more about it and get an invitation to a free workshop on self “Me. My Own Shield” write to



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