By Fleme Varkey | 02:22 PM July 10, 2017
Watch: Women get first period day leave in this Mumbai firm


  • Now First Day of Period leave is a reality in India, at least in this Mumbai-based firm
  • Women now, can without any embarrassment, avail a one-day leave when they are on their periods 
  • This is something we should encourage in companies across the country 

Sounds strange doesn’t it? We can already see the eyebrows rising, and the complaints of how unfair this all sounds. Kind sirs, here’s the thing, be my guest, try spending a day leaking like a tap with every pore of your body on fire. Also, experience the ‘bliss’ of having a thousand needles play havoc in your belly while everyone expects  you to do your normal work without hinting about the pain you are experiencing, oh! and do that for three-five days in a row. This should answer your reservations to this leave if any.

Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd, a Mumbai-based firm has finally brought some sunshine into the lives of women working there. While the policy makers are finding it hard to be convinced over why sanitary napkins should not be taxed so exorbitantly, these board at Culture Machine is actually taking a revolutionary step in addressing the need of the hour – menstruation and women’s bodies.

For years, women have had to bear the cyclical bleeding, cramps and pain that accompany the menstruation every month and get on with their work as if all is well with the world, and pretend to be oblivious to the pain. A prospect of asking for leave when your periods started, especially if your boss was male, meant you’d rather die and stew in your juices rather than answer/explain to your boss the predicament.

In case your boss was women, you still had to explain to her because women are supposed to be even more strong on those days. If a few women have a threshold for pain, so should the others, unmindful of the fact that the pain experienced is different for different women. And again getting a leave would be next to impossible.

But now, Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd, has thrown all caution to the winds and have taken the one step which will help numerous working women in their office.

Watch this video which shows what women face when they are on the periods and the comments they are subject to for asking for leave, the ending of this video is what surprises and warms our hearts.

Yes, we are absolutely thrilled for these women in this workplace. The video answers a lot of the allegations and accusations thrust upon women for daring to accept that they feel the pain and they need to take a day's leave. Pain cannot be defined and thresholds of each is different for different women. While this is just the beginning, we hope it leads to positive changes in the corporate mindset. 

Tell us what do you think about this policy. 

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