By Rushali Pawar | 02:05 PM June 06, 2017
5 fearless women share their deepest thoughts...


  • Women's tattoos depict their pain, struggles and their deepest fears.
  • Tattoos on breast cancer survivors show what defines their womanhood.
  • There's a little Alice in each woman and these tattoos show that women never stop dreaming.


A tattoo isn’t just an accessory that adorns one’s body. This design, etched in a specific place during a specific time tells tales of what women have gone through- their deepest fears, painful episodes and the strength and courage gained from those experiences.

Women’s tattoos differ slightly from men and rightly so. Women are dreamers, they are strong, they celebrate sisterhood and their bond with their moms takes on a whole different meaning. Here are just some tattoos that celebrate womanhood and are so truly feminine.

Sister Love

Sisters have a difficult relationship when they’re young but they grow up to become each other’s best friends. It’s difficult to count the number of times sisters have stepped in and saved each other from difficult situations. This is a bond is peculiar only to two women who’ve grown up with each other.

Don’t stop dreaming  

There’s always an Alice in each woman who dreams of slipping into a little hole. This tattoo is really just a tribute to all the dreamers out there who find things curiouser and curiouser.

Celebrate womanhood

Are you still a woman if you don’t have breasts? Julia Roberts, in her role as Erin Brockovich, is asked this question by a breast cancer patient. And the answer to that is yes. Femininity is one of the qualities that define women and this breast cancer survivor celebrates it in her tattoo.

Let scars heal you

Women are often told to hide their scars, spend on creams that wipe away blemishes. But what if a woman takes pride in the scars that define her? Well, this tattoo exhibits the pain a woman went through and channels a message of her strength and courage.

Embrace the fighter in you

This woman’s inspiring tattoo depicts her fighter spirit. This breast cancer survivor knows that she will never stop fighting and never stop being a woman even if she’s lost her breasts. Amen to that, sister.

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