By Team Asianet Newsable | 05:09 AM March 14, 2017
Lily “II Superwoman II” Singh asks women to do the #BraToss Challenge


  • On Women's Day. popular YouTube vlogger Lily “II Superwoman II” Singh started the #BraToss Challenge
  • She also started a woman's empowerment campaign called #GirlLove in 2015

The #BraToss Challenge started by Lily “II Superwoman II” Singh had celebrities like Charlize Theron participating in it as well


Lily “II Superwoman II” Singh is arguably one of the most well-known Canadian vloggers on YouTube.  


On Women’s Day, she rallied around and called upon the sisterhood – reminiscent of the bra-burning of the 60s - she called upon her fellow women to take of their bras.


Watch the video:


According to Huffington Post, she said, "I wanna take a second to recognize and appreciate all my fellow sisters around the world," the 28-year-old Scarborough-native said in the video. "You rise in the face of adversity. You make your voices heard, and you make me proud to be a woman. I’m not just talking about one type of woman, nah. I’m talking about every type of women. Every shape, size, colour with any sexual orientation and any religious beliefs."


She even managed to rope in celebrities like Charlize Theron, Lele Pons and Teala Dunn.


She is also the one who spearheaded the #GirlLove campaign was started in 2015.

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