By Team Asianet Newsable | 12:04 PM March 01, 2017
Now, report corruption and get rewarded in Saudi


  • People can make complaint without any threat or job security
  • Details of complainant will be kept confidential
  • Directorate has already investigated 1,700 cases of corruption

Anyone can file corruption report by dialing 980 or by visiting the office of the directorate anywhere in the Kingdom

In an attempt to reduce corruption in the country, the Saudi government has decided to reward any one who reports a graft case. Administrative Investigation Directorate has decided to award 50% of bribery amount to those reporting such incidents. 

The directorate has also facilitated a number in which any one can report a case of corruption. "Anyone is free to report an instance of bribery by dialing 980 or by visiting the directorate’s office. All complaints will be kept confidential, and the identity of the complainant will not be revealed," sources revealed. 

The administration has also informed that people can complain to their co-workers or their managers without worrying about any threat or job security. "Whenever a report is filed, the Directorate will investigate the issue in detail and with full confidentiality. The directorate has already investigated 1, 700 cases of administration and financial corruption in the Kingdom. We were successful in arresting several employees on charges of corruption," sources said. 

The campaign against corruption in the administrative section was launched on Abshir program. "We aimed to create social awareness about issues with administrative corruption. We have now resorted to SMS campaign by which messages on administrative corruption and laws prevailing against such acts and its dangers are being circulated among the public," reports sources. 

With the campaign, people have started filing complaints against administrative corruption bringing the situation under control. 

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