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7 unexpected and surprising uses of salt


  • Salt has many unexpected and beneficial uses
  • Here's some of them that you can use for everyday purposes

These surprising and unexpected uses of salt will blow your mind


Besides being a must-have ingredient in your kitchen cabinet, salt has some incredibly versatile uses that are not meant for culinary purposes.



1. Got Smelly Shoes? 


Sprinkle some salt into your shoes to get rid of the smelly odour that is trapped in your shoes.



2. Out damned spot:   

Cut yourself, and stained your clothes? A quick way to get rid of this stain, is to soak your bloodstained clothes in cold saltwater. Post which, rinse the cold saltwater with soapy warm water.

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3. Who’s bitter about the brew?


Sometimes you can make your coffee really bitter, and to make it less bitter, you can add a pinch of salt to impart and improve some flavour to it.


4. This is an eggzelent idea:  



Peeling hard boiled eggs can be less of a chore, if you add a teaspoon of salt into the water prior to boiling. This makes it remove the peels easily.

5. Fire, fire, everywhere:    


Salt not water is the best way to quell a grease fire.



6. Broomtastic: 

Increase the shelf life of your new broom by soaking its straw bristles in a bucket of hot salty water. Leave it in for 20 minutes.


7. Itchy and Scratchy: 

Place a cloth soaked in hot salt water on your irritated skin. It will give you instant relief.

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