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5 secrets women don't reveal at the start of a relationship


  • Women don't reveal a lot of personal information when they've just started dating someone.
  • In most cases, women don't talk about how they spend their money or reveal information about their ex boyfriends.
  • Women also don't say that they want a serious commitment especially in the beginning.

When you've just started dating someone, chances are that you don't know them fully. That's perhaps why the first few months of a relationship is known as the honeymoon phase. During this lovely, beautiful time, both parties display the best version of themselves whether its being super supportive or taking the extra step. But beneath it all lies a few secrets that men and women hold onto. While men don't divulge information related to their past, women won't say these things when they've just entered a relationship:

What she spends her money on

Women won't talk elaborately about how they spend their money and what they spend it on. This is particularly true if they're spending a lot of cash on cosmetics, clothes and other girly items. They give men some time to get used to it.

The ex boyfriends

Even if a woman says she's dated a certain number of men in the past, chances are that she's left out a few men from that list. Women are never truly honest about their past relationships. 

She has a crush on other men

Men check out women and this works the other way as well. However, men are very obvious when they do and women are secretive. A woman most probably has a harmless crush on her boyfriend's friend, the cute guy on the metro or a new friend she's made.

What she does when she's alone

Revealing such personal information never happens in the first few months of the relationships. Maybe she inspects her skin all the time or incessantly arranges her wardrobe. In any case, such intimate details aren't exposed.

She wants a serious relationship

Most relationships are casual when they begin but women tend to think long term and want the men to commit. But they just play it cool and never truly say what's on their mind.

She stalks you all the time on social media

Chances are that she knows everything about you even without you saying it. She may even know your best friend from seventh standard but will be quiet if you bring it up in a conversation. 

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