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These are the most stressful jobs in India


  • If you're on the cusp of making a career choice, then make a realistic evaluation about yourself.
  • If your someone who wants stability and deep personal relationships at work then don't opt for stressful jobs.
  • In India, some of the most stressful jobs include that in the banking, finance, IT, construction and medicine sector.

If you're at the cusp of making a career decision then think twice about the field of work you want to get into. A job not only ensure money, it changes your lifestyle, determines the amount of time you have on your hands and has the potential to affect your personal relationships in some way.

According to studies, people should make a realistic choice while making a career decision. An honest evaluation could be useful if you're someone who can't handle instability in a work environment or stress at a job. An Insider Monkey article pointed out that some of the major concerns faced by Indian employees are unclear job expectations, inadequate staffing and lack of work/life balance. 

Its true that every job presents its own problems but let's face it, the very nature of some jobs require employees to work long hours, meet short deadlines and get used to unstable working conditions. With this in mind, here are a few jobs that have these above mentioned conditions in their offices.

Banking sector

In India, banking, finance and IT sectors are have gruelling work environments but banking trumps the list. Bankers, especially investment bankers, work long hours, suffer from inadequate sleep and exhaustion. A Financial Times report said that people in banking sector are looking to yoga and meditation to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Finance Sector

Since this job is heavily dependent on the stock market, employees always have to be alert to any changes. Any dips in the stock market leads to more stress among those who work as traders. 

Police Officers

This job is stressful not just in India, but all over the world, according to the recent findings of CareerCast. In India however, the situation is slightly different because cops are paid low, work long hours and find no outlet for growth.

IT workers

The main stressors in the IT sector is the uncompensated overtime work hours, calls even after office hours and unscheduled weekend work. 


This job is stressful mostly because of the physical hazards presented to workers. According to a study conducted by St. Johns Medical College in Bangalore, improper living conditions, long working hours and injuries are problems faced by those who are construction labourers. The study also found that the labourers suffered from shock and  haemorrhage as a result of injuries faced while working in the evenings. 


Since the demand for anesthesiologists has increased over the years, those in this profession have reported to have chronic stress. One of the main factors for this is the conflicting demands at work. They suffer from fatigue due to night calls, long working hours and are fearful of litigation, according to a study conducted by Indian Institute of Public Health. 


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