By Team Asianet Newsable | 07:12 AM February 14, 2017
Got off to a bad start? Here’s how avoid being a killjoy at work


  • Some days are worse off than others
  • This bad mood can spill into the office scenario
  • Here's three ways to stem the bad mood at the workplace

Started the day on the wrong foot. Here's how you avoid being a killjoy at the workplace.


Stubbed your toe on the way to your bathroom, misplaced your favourite top, you got into a bit of a fender bender on your way to work, so suffice to say it isn’t a great start.


Just when you think you can retreat into your shell and regroup, your boss comes and gives you uncalled for grief over some project.


And you can feel the whistle of the pressure cooker go off in your head, but better sense prevails, and so you just bite your tongue, but being human, your emotions eventually get the better of you and you wear it on your sleeve (grimace look, clenched fists, banging of desk drawers, you get the drift) much to your dismay.

But fret not. Here are 3 ways you can stem this overflow of a bad day at the workplace, and you can curb being the Office Grinch.


Blowing off steam: 

Avoid venting at all costs, while its natural reaction, don’t. The reason behind this is because negativity spreads faster than an STD. While you might temporarily be able to get things off your chest, you may inadvertently set off a chain of negative events. So, it’s better to just retreat and remain quiet till you cool down. If you’re really steaming, follow the old-school rule of writing down everything down, and then crumpling it, or delete it.



2. Go for a walk:  

Overwhelmed? Just take a break – go for a walk; head to your local chaiwallah, and basically clear your head, if sitting at your desk is getting to be too much.



3. Be a do-gooder:


Lighten up your mood with some random act of kindness. From feeding a stray to listening to some good music, switch your mood with some attitude adjustments.

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