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Don't miss out on this romantic activity when you're in Bangkok


  • There are several culinary schools in Bangkok that offer half day cooking classes for couples. 
  • Most of these classes are designed for beginners so you don't need to have in-depth knowledge of Thai cuisine.
  • Some culinary schools offer pick up and drop services as well.

Thai cuisine is world renowned for its aromatic dishes laced with spices, coconut milk and delicious cuts of meats. Whether it’s a bowl of noodles that’s getting consumed or a tangy broth, the five sensory organs come alive as they feel the spices making its way through the body.

For many Indians, this feeling is familiar and perhaps this explains why we love Thai food. Indians are active partakers of the street food culture in Bangkok. Click here to book your flights.

It’s not uncommon to find a honeymooning Indian couple trying out a local dish on the streets of Thailand’s capital or learning the basics of Thai cuisine at a culinary school. There are many centres in Bangkok which hold a half-day cooking class for couples and here's our top 5 picks of culinary schools: 

Chef Leez Thai Cooking Class

This is one of the most famous Thai cooking classes in Bangkok and that’s because vegetarians and meat lovers can find plenty of options here. Chef Leez is armed with a wide knowledge of Thai cuisine and her recipes are rustic and simple. This four-hour class touches upon the basics and techniques. Click here to book your flights.

Silom Thai Cooking Class

Ever wanted to learn how to cook Pad Thai, Massaman curry, mango sticky rice etc? You will be cooking a four-course Thai meal at this culinary school. And the best part is that you get to eat everything. This class is best suited for beginners. Click here to book your flights.

Baipai Thai Cooking Class

If you want to cook in a location that’s intimate then sign up for a class at the Baipai culinary school. This four and a half hour class touches upon different techniques of cooking Thai food, presentation and interesting ways of using ingredients. Lunch is included as part of the class and participants will also receive a cookbook at the end of the session. Click here to book your flights.

Maliwan Thai Cooking Class

This cooking school gives you the luxury of booking a class anytime during the day. They hold classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Apart from doling out information on the basics of Thai cooking, they even hand out certificates to participants. Click here to book your flights.

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy

You don’t need to worry about finding your way to this culinary school as they offer pick up services. Participants will be able to cook their own dishes and watch a demonstration a well. One of the huge draws to this place is the informal atmosphere in the kitchen. The organisers encourage participants to share a meal and you could meet like-minded people from across the world.  Click here to book your flights.



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