By Roshini Jacob | 05:54 PM June 18, 2017
5 struggles faced by a Bengalurean using public transport


  •  Bengaluru is a beautiful city but not when it comes to public transport.
  •  Relying on public transport can make you go a little crazy.
  •  Here's a list of struggles that you may be facing as a Bengalurean


Bengaluru accommodates over 8 million people and has more than 6 lakh vehicles on the road but  travelling on public transport still seems to be task. From begging autorickshaw drivers, to waiting for hours, a Bengalurean relying on public transportation, has faced all of these struggles.  

1) It's bargaining season all year long

You know your day is going to go good if you get an auto without having to bargain or settle on a higher fare. The auto drivers regular excuses are that they have to drop you and come back all alone, so pay them a little extra to make up for that loneliness. Along with fluctuating fares, auto drivers are also very choosy about the places that they will go to. A minimum of 5-10 rejections is usual for every Bengalurean.

2) Bus trips = Road trips

If you've decided to travel cheap and take a bus, you will have to leave home at least an hour earlier than usual and also be ready to take almost forever to reach your destination. But this is partially because of the never ending traffic in the city.

3) Only a lucky few get Metros

The functional metros in the city may help for a short distance but since there are only a few, not many can make use of them. However, constructions are ongoing and the last stretch of Namma Bengaluru's metro  phase 1 has just been inaugurated, reducing traffic from  from Majestic to Yelachenahalli by 40 minutes. 

4) Lack of Suburban Railways

Though Bengaluru has a few trains that can be used locally, the lack in planning removes it of the list. South Western Railway officials say that the basic rail infrastructure around Bengaluru is not yet ready for a suburban rail system. This is because almost half of the railway lines are yet to be doubled and electrified.

5) You'll have to go out of your way to get out of the city

Bengaluru's traffic is as unpredictable as its weather. While it may take you just 45 minutes to get to the airport at one point of time, do not be fooled because it could take you 2-3 hours the next time. So next time, try going solo by using your own transportation. This could save you time, money and some peace of mind, all at the same time. 

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