By Team Asianet Newsable | 12:36 PM August 12, 2017
Kerala doctor prescribed abortion pills to pregnant woman without her knowledge


  • The woman, who is two months pregnant, had visited hospital for a routine checkup
  • The doctor prescribed some tablets and asked her to come to labour room
  • It was the chemist at medical shop who told the patient that one of the tablets is for abortion

In a shocking incident of medical apathy in Kerala, a pregnant woman was prescribed abortion tablets by the doctor of a government hospital. A complaint had been filed against a gynaecologist of Government Taluk Hospital, Kollam, the hospital superintendent said. 

Pravita Prasad from Kulasekharapuram, Kollam, who is two months pregnant, had visited the hospital for a routine check up and the doctor asked her to get a scam. After analysing scan report doctor prescribed some medicines. 

The gynaecologist then asked the woman to take a tablet and to come to the labour room. She was also told to change her clothes to the one expecting mothers are asked to wear in the labour room. 

Pravita became suspicious and checked with the nearby medical store about the medicines prescribed by the doctor. To her shock, the chemist informed her that one of the tablets was for termination of pregnancy while the other one was just vitamin tablets. 

She then went back to the hospital and cross checked with the duty doctor and the nurse and both confirmed her suspicion. The woman later filed a complaint with the superintendent against the gynaecologist who tried to abort her without her consent. She also warned a legal action in case the superintendent failed to take action. 

The superintendent has submitted a report with district medical officer on the basis of the complaint. 

The gynaecologist admitted that she erred in prescribing the medicine, but blamed the heavy rush for her mistake. The doctor also said that she had explained the error to the patient when she returned with the tablets. 

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