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Malappuram English school in trouble because of school uniform


  • Self-financing English medium high school in Malappuram in uniform row
  • The Al Farooque English Medium School implemented two separate sets of uniform for students in the same class
  • Through this students who were good and who were weak in studies were being differentiated against

Al Farooque English Medium School in Malappuram, Kerala implemented a controversial rule regarding its uniforms. The school located in Pandikkad issued two separate sets of uniform for students in the same class.

No, it does it does differentiate between boys and girls but these two uniforms will set the good students apart from the others.  So two colour shirts – gray and white - set this difference. There has been a lot of criticism on this decision.

School authorities were adamant that this is in good taste and it will help increase competition among the students.

However, this has come as a setback to many students. Childline services through coordinator Anwar Karakkadan got in touch with the school authorities after many parents complained to them regarding this uniform separation.  Even Childline services have emphasised how this move will effect children psychologically.  According to the Childline authorities, 32 students of the school, who were good at studies were told by the school authorities to wear a gray uniform, while others were wearing the regular uniform of the school.

According to a report in The Times of India, Childline authorities on noticing no change in the practice since June, approached the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KeSCPCR) and district Child Welfare Committee seeking intervention in the issue.

School principal Abdul Kareem told TOI that  the new system was launched as part of forming students' group in classrooms to monitor different co-curricular activities and the system was withdrawn. The KeSCPCR has registered a suo motu case against the school authorities.

Already in the name of competition children are committing suicide, parents are pressurising their children now if schools also tell children that they are not as intelligent or as good as their friend imagine how psychologically damaging it will be! 

In June this year, there was another uniform scandal but this time it was because a photographer had photoshopped the school uniform worn by the students of St Alphonsa Public School, Aruvithura to make them look vulgar. The image took social media by storm and ruined the reputation of the school which insisted that’s uniform was in no way vulgar.

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