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After Dileep, Bhama says people in film industry conspired against her


  • Some people are trying hard to make sure that I don't get movies: Bhama
  • The actress said that they are spreading a propaganda that she will be a headache if given chance
  • Bhama also said that directors Saji Surendran and V M Vinu has said about this to her

In a major revelation actress, Bhama said that she lost chances in Malayalam cinema owing to the deliberate attempt by a few persons. The actress also said that directors Saji Surendran and V M Vinu had told her about this. 

Saji had once said that some people asked him not to cast her in 'Ivar Vivahitharayal,' in which she played the lead opposite actor Jayasurya. They also spread a message that she will be a headache and should not be included in the cast.


"Saji said that someone called him soon after the movie was announced. When the director replied that the cast is fixed, the caller warned that I would be a headache for the crew," Bhama said. 


Later, other directors including V M Vinu told me about similar incidents.

"Saji had informed me about such attempts, but I didn't take it seriously. It was very difficult for me to believe that people in the movie industry could behave like enemies. It is not sure whether the attempts are from a single person. May be more persons are involved in the conspiracy. I took the matter seriously only after more directors started informing me about such allegations," the actress said. 

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The actress also said that one of them was a senior person, whom she respected a lot.


"It was during the last schedule of the shooting of 'Marupadi' that director Vinu informed about a similar incident. He said that I didn't create any issue for him and that some one had called him before the beginning of shooting asking to remove me from the movie. When I persuaded him, he gave the name. I was surprised to hear the name as we were in no way close to each other. I had met him only during some common functions. There were no issues between us, and still he tried to throw me out of the industry," the actress said. 


Bhama believes that such moves might be due to her bold character. "I don't make any compromise when it comes to remuneration or safety matters. It is also true that I don't know to speak softly to those who try to cheat me by not giving promised amount," Bhama said during an interview with Malayalam magazine Vanitha. 

Her statement comes at a time when the Malayalam film industry is facing several criticisms ranging from actress assault and attack to casting couch. Several actresses had come forward with allegations of casting couch

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Such issues also led to the formation of Women in Cinema Collective, an association of female actors and technicians in Malayalam movie industry, to protect their interests and ensure security. 

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