By Team Asianet Newsable | 02:59 PM August 12, 2017
Here's not-so-good news from Upendra to his fans


  • Upendra announced a new forum 'Prajakeeya' to correct the flaws in the system
  • He told mediapersons that he wants to dedicate his time for his new mission
  • This may see him doing less movies, which may not go well with his fans

Sandalwood star Upendra who has just announced his new venture, 'Prajakeeya', may bid farewell to movies. At least, that's what Upendra hinted at while detailing the 'Prajakeeya'.

During the media interaction on his new venture on Saturday, Upendra said that he would want to dedicate himself completely with 'Prajakeeya' which has been his dream since his younger days. However, this would may see him less in movies. "I would want to respect the dates that I have already given to the producers. I want to honour my present professional commitments, before I take a plunge into the 'Prajakeeya," he told mediapersons when they queried him about his films.

'Prajakeeya' is a forum that the 'Real Star' has launched to bring in a change in the "rotten system" in the society. However, his statement that he may stay away from movies, might upset his legion of fans.

Upendra's movies have always questioned the existing flaws in the system and now that he is planning to transform his "reel ideas" into "real", his fans are elated to no end. But such "reel" treats may be less.

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