By Mohammed Yacoob | 09:10 PM June 19, 2017
Traffic cops apply helmet rule only for public, not for protesters, political parties


  • Traffic police spare political parties and protesters for helmet rule violation
  • In recently held Youth Congress meeting, supporters were seen riding without the helmet
  • The traffic police officer says, catching the violators during public meeting will create law and order issue
  • Mobility experts and activists say, rule are same for all, and the traffic chief should take transfer if he cannot do the job


The recently held youth congress meeting has raised several questions on Bengaluru traffic department's transparency and its capability as it failed to stop two-wheelers belonging to Youth Congress workers who were riding without helmet right in front of traffic police.

Angered by this type of doubles by the traffic department, experts, activists and motorists lashed at the traffic police who does not spare other motorists for the similar violation.

A senior police officer said, every motorist in Karnataka is bound by Indian Motor Vehicle to rule Karnataka Police Act, however when it comes to dealing with protesters or during any political party gathering, many do not care for rules. "If we try and catch them it will lead to law and order problem. Hence we have to leave them," said a traffic police.

Lashing at traffic police for such a coward act, MN Shreehari has, urban mobility expert said, the rule is for everyone. "Sometimes we see even police persons not wearing helmet still they ride two wheeler and in the case of political party meeting they remain mute spectators for the traffic violation. Other violators are stopped and fined for the similar breach, but these traffic police do not have guts to crack a whip on political parties," said Shreehari.

He further added that if they traffic police person cannot fine offenders in such a situation, it means they are admitting their inability, and hence the person heading the department should put down his paper or should take the transfer.

Following the harsh criticism, the department is now considering to add another clause before giving permission to hold public meetings and protest that two wheelers must come with the helmet for such meetings and agitations.  

Raghuveer Gowda Bengaluru City Youth Congress President agreed on the fault from the youth congress wing as many of its supporters who had come in two-wheeler were without the helmet. "We have come to know that many of our supporters had violated traffic rule. This kind of brazen act will tarnish the party's image, and hence we have now taken a decision to make it a mandatory to announce that all the supporters using two-wheeler to come with the helmet for public meetings," he said.

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