By Team Asianet Newsable | 02:14 PM July 24, 2017
Greed makes techie couple lose Rs 3 lakh for fake coins


  • An old couple were cheated of Rs 3 lakh in the guise of selling them old gold coins
  • The accused gave the couple two coins to gain their trust and as expected, they found to be genuine
  • The couple decided to buy all the coins (7 kg) for Rs 3 lakh. 
  • But to their horror, they found that the coins they purchased were fake


A software engineer couple lost Rs 3 lakh with a greed to buy gold at cheap rate. They have now lodged a complaint with Bharathinagar police station.

Dhanik Lal Yadav and his wife, residents of  Mahadevapura had gone to KR Puram railway station to book tickets. An old couple spoke to them saying they were working in a temple in Kattapadi, Tamil Nadu. They said they had 400 year-old-gold coins and showed them some one gram weighing coins quoting Rs 50 per coin. They said they had a total of 7 kg and gave their phone number.

The couple returned home and discussed about it. On July 21, the techie wife called up the old man and asked for a lesser price and he agreed. The man came to Halasuru Gurudwara and the couple went with Rs 3 lakh cash. The couple had earlier asked to test the coin and the man had given two coins. The couple went to Kalyan Jewellers and got it tested and were told they were real gold.

The man had brought 7 kg of coins and demanded Rs 5 lakh. The couple said they would only give Rs 3 lakh. The man agreed, he gave them the coins, took the money and went away. When the couple took the gold to a jewellers' shop they found that all were fake. Immediately, they called the phone number of the man who sold the coins to them but it was switched off.  Then they lodged a complaint with Bharathinagar police station.

The engineer’s wife’s sister was getting married and so, she convinced her husband that the stranger was giving gold at a lower rate and that they should not lose this opportunity.

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