By Team Asianet Newsable | 02:33 PM June 19, 2017
Kidnapped, gangraped and flung from train, 14-year old survives to tell her story


  • The girl had stepped out from her house to relieve herself when she was grabbed.
  • She was later flung from a running train, and she lay on the railway track for hours.
  • Even in a hospital, she lay without treatment for hours. Her parents allege the guards wanted a bribe to get a bed

An already horrific story about the gangrape of a minor has been made even worse by the brutality of the incident. Indeed, the story of this 14-year rape victim is bone-chilling. She was gang raped by six minors, one of them a junior at her school, and then flung from a running train. 

After an hour-long torture and 14-hours of struggle at a government hospital, the girl miraculously still survives to tell her story. Speaking to the Times of India amid excruciating pain, the girl narrated her ordeal. She had stepped out of her house to relieve herself. "Someone grabbed me from behind, gagged and blindfolded me and dragged me to a nearby field. There were six-seven people; I recognised two of them as our neighbours."

She reportedly fell unconscious after the attack. When she regained consciousness, she found herself on a moving train. "The two youths I recognised pushed me out of the train and I fainted again," she said. Meanwhile, realising her absence from the house since 3 am, her family members launched a search operation, which continued for 12 hours before she was found at Kiul railway station. People had brought her to the platform from the tracks. 

She was rushed to the local hospital where she was given 24 stitches to stop the bleeding. When her condition deteriorated, she was referred to Patna Medical College and Hospital. There, she had an equally gruelling time because she was left unattended on the floor for 14 hours. The guards reportedly asked for a bribe to get her a bed. The administration swung into action only after media highlighted the case. Meanwhile, police said that one of the accused had been detained while the hunt is on for the others. 

A resident of Lakhochak village in Lakhisarai district, where the crime took place on Friday night, the girl is now recovering from heavy blood loss and five pelvic fractures. 


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