By Roshini Jacob | 04:51 PM June 19, 2017
Gopalkrishna Gandhi is Congress' Presidential choice: Reports


  • The BJP has picked Ram Nath Kovind as the NDA candidate for the Presidential polls. 
  • The Congress party's favourite candidate seems to be Gopalkrishna Gandhi.
  • Here are a few facts you may not know about the former governor of West Bengal.

While the BJP party has chosen Ram Nath Kovind as their presidential candidate, the Congress party is still determining their candidate. However, Rumours state that Gopalkrishna Gandhi could be the chosen one. Along with being the former governor of West Bengal, here are a few lesser known facts about this Gandhi. 

1)    He is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and is also related to India's last Governor General C Rajagopalachari.

2)    The 71-year-old Gandhi has had a vast career and has served in quite a few respectful posts.

3)    He was a diplomat for the High Commissioner of India to South Africa and Lesotho and later to Sri Lanka.

4)    Soon after, he became the Ambassador of India to Norway and Iceland, all of this before he was sworn in as the Governor of West Bengal. 

5)    Through all of this, he has made quite a few strong and thought-provoking statements. Some of them being,

“The rise in intolerance and fear of the immunity that intolerance seems to enjoy are intimately connected."

On his distinct stand on Nandigram in 2007 he said, "I cannot be so casual to the oath I have taken as to restrict reaction to a pious expression of anguish and outrage"

He called the CBI the "government's hatchet, rather than honesty's ally” while expressing his opinions on the transparency and ethics of the politics in this country.

6)    He is currently a professor at the Ashoka University and has tried his hand at writing and public speaking as well. He mostly covers topics pertaining to the current situation in the country.

7)    Reports say, that he has travelled to the rural areas of Bengal anonymously to serve people during Gujarat’s earthquake relief programs. 

8) In one of his columns about the issue of renaming roads, Gandhi expressed that the move was about spreading the Hindutva more than respecting and honouring individual efforts in the field of India’s politics and culture. 

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