By Fleme Varkey | 11:14 PM February 24, 2017
Assaulted Malayalam actress resumes work, Prithviraj pens heartfelt apology on Facebook


  • Titled “COURAGE” actor Prithviraj Sukumaran choose to realise some truths and apologise
  • The actress will also resume shooting for her film Honey Bee 2.

An incident that shook the Malayalam Film Industry recently was the assault of an popular actress, raising questions of women’s safety, their dignity and an uncomfortable blame game. Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran was one of the first to express his anger at the state of affairs in Kerala. Today, he uses his Facebook as a medium to convey some lessons he learnt


It takes an incident like Nirbhaya to wake the nation into questioning the law and order and the safety of women and how the female gender is perceived. Now, this issue of a Malayalam actress being assaulted and attacked in a bustling city has brought back those concerns. Probably because of her status as a celebrity and more so because she is a woman who did not choose to retreat into the shadows but faced her attackers boldly. Titled “COURAGE” these are the first few lines of a post Prithviraj Sukumaran put up on his Facebook – his learnings from the incident


“Some of the most poignant moments in my life have been punctuated with moments of incredible courage. Courage from what I have now fully realised are God's most benevolent yet intricate creations. WOMEN!”


He is a man whom we have mostly seen mouthing macho dialogues, throwing his weight around in the movies  to make sure the heroine in the film falls for his charms, but today he thinks his roles don’t justify the reality that they too in some way lent to this misconceived notion that women can be seen as objects.


“I apologise..for at an age and time when I wasn't wise enough..I have been part of films that celebrated misogyny..I have mouthed lines that vilified regard for your self-respect and I have taken a bow to the claps that ensued. NEVER AGAIN..never again will I let disrespect for women be celebrated in my movies! Yes...I'm an actor and this is my craft!


The actress will be holding a press conference on Sunday, something which the actor has referred to in his post as a “... a statement that will echo through time, space and gender..that no one or no incident has control over your life but YOU!” The actress will also resume shooting for her film Honey Bee 2.


It takes courage for a man to accept his mistakes and even more humility to accept what his weaknesses are. This post coming from a man like Prithviraj whose fan following in both genders is immense could be a start of things and also a sign that maybe there is a part of society that is realising how the world has become because of our own actions, beliefs  and philosophy. If a celebrity can take responsibility so can you. Come join Pinklauru, Pink Samaritan campaign and do your bit for the change you want to see. 


Here’s the rest of the actor’s post :


Prithviraj Facebook post
Credit: Facebook  


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