by Shashidhar Chitradurga | 12:21 PM June 23, 2017

The secret behind Hamsalekha - Ravichandran success formula and the moving train!

The moving train and secret of Hamsalekha - Ravi formula!

Even to this day Hamsalekha is considered as one of the greatest gurus of lovers in the Kannada cinema. He just made any youth fall in love with this music and songs. Can you believe even to this day his songs are sung to propose their lovers?

Hamsalekha, the man who gave numerous hits after the successful musical journey ‘Premaloka’ turns 65 on June 23. The famous pair of Ravichandrana and Hamsalekha was enough to create a magic and it was believed that combination can give nothing other than success.

Here is an interesting fact where moving train inspired Ravi-Hamsa pair to create magic in the movie Ranadheera. Hamsalekha has shred this unforgettable moment with the writer Shashidhar Chitradurga.

Premaloka had just released. In the beginning, the movie did not attact a large audience. But when the songs started being played on radio of TV, the movie became a superhit, making Ravichandran the crazy star and Hamsalekha the god of youths waiting to fall in love. The entire crew of Premaloka was in the success mood, when producer Veeraswamy decided to make another movie titled Ranadheera.


This is a remake of Hindi movie and Lakshmikanth-Pyarelal had composed music for it. The producer was all for using the same Hindi track with Kannada lyrics. Hamsalekha was asked to write dialogues for the movie.

This hurt Hamsalekha and he did not agree to it. “I will not use the Hindi track, we will make our own music,” he said. The producer agreed to it. Hamsalekha landed in Mysuru and along with Ravichandran composed a tune for ‘Yaree Hameera’ song. They even got S Janaki to sing and returned to Bangalore with the recording.

Veeraswamy was waiting for our arrival. We played the recording at his office. Instead of congratulating, Veeraswamy ordered two glasses of coffee and played music from another recorder. Songs of Premaloka touched our ears. But both did not have any clue why Veeraswamy was playing Premaloka songs.



Then, stopping the player, he said, “This is what I expect from Ravichandran and Hamsalekha, the song you have recorded is usual, there is nothing special in it.”

But still the challenge was on and the Ravi-Hamsalekha geared up for a new tune. Ravichandran had got audio CDs of many movies for inspiration. But Hamsalekha decided not to play them at all. “We have a special style. We can bring the scenery into music. Let us explain the scene through the songs,” Hamsalekha said.

Thus the moving train and the sceneries they were seeing became the inspiration. Thus the famous song ‘Yaare Neenu Sundara Cheluve’ was composed on the train.

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