by Shashidhar Chitradurga | 06:36 PM July 11, 2017

Remembering Charlie Chaplin of Kannada movies

Remembering Charlie Chaplin of Kannada movies

Who does not know Narasimharaju, Sandalwood's undisputed king of comedies. Regarded as the Charlie Chaplin of Kannada movies, Narasimharaju was star actor like any other heroes of his time. It has been 38 years since he passed away. His wife Sharadamma Narasimharaju fondly remembers him and shares some "rare" moments of her husband with him.

Once Narasimharaju and popular actor MN Lakshmidevamma were acting in a play at Ravindra Kalakshetra. At that time, Narasimharaju and Lakshmidevamma pair was a huge hit and many mistook them as real couples too.

So, after the play, Sharadamma and Narasimharaju were standing outside the Kalakshetra. Lakshmidevamma was there with them. A few female fans rushed to meet the popular actor. They instantly praised the hit jodi and even said that "Sir, it's a treat to watch you and your wife in both movies and plays. There's so much chemistry between you both."

Perplexed, Narasimharaju asked them whom they were referring to. The girls immediately pointed out at Lakshmidevamma. "It was very funny. I was trying hard to control my laughter," Sharadamma told Newsable. Soon, Narasimharaju clarified them and said that Lakshmidevamma was co-actor. "He pointed towards me and said this is my wife," Sharadamma recalled. Such was the popularity of their chemistry.

Sharadamma was married when she was djust 14 years and Narasimharaju was 28. He was a star actor. Sometimes, Sharadamma would accompany him to the shooting sets and it would look magical to Sharadamma. Sometimes, a few women would comment (with Sharadamma) that "See your husband is acting with so many female actors. You don't feel anything?" When I would tell him that see how some women were reacting, he would laugh at it. He would just say "See they are also actors like me. We all act for a living. They also come from good families. Don't bother about it. You are my life's real heroine," reminisces Sharadamma.

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