by R Rajagopalan | 05:05 PM July 10, 2017

Capital Buzz: As BJP nears 'Teen Murti', days of joy begin for RSS-BJP cadre

As BJP nears 'Teen Murti', days of joy begin for RSS-BJP

If the buzz in the capital is to be believed, the Puducherry Congress Government is heading for major trouble. Indeed, its very survival has become the million dollar question. Rumours say that the Narayanaswamy Government may have to go, thanks to the 'Office for Profit' issue which has nine Congress MLAs under the scanner.  

AIADMK, the principal opposition party in Puducherry, has prepared a memorandum seeking the disqualification of nine MLAs in Puducherry under the 'Office of Profit' charges. The affidavit will be filed on Wednesday, 12 July with President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi. Kiran Bedi, the Lt Governor of Puducherry, is waging war against corruption via medical college admissions by the Chief Minister. 

But this war seems in line with expectations. During a lighter interaction with Delhi media persons recently, BJP Chief Amit Shah commented that the appointment of Kiran Bedi is to give sleepless nights to the 'corrupt Congress Government'. The BJP's dream is to ensure a 'Congress mukt' India. And Puducherry looks like it will be the next concentration of the Modi-Shah attention. New Delhi Congress circles are agog with speculation that  by the middle of September, there shall be a danger to the Narayanaswamy Government. 



RSS-BJP senior leaders are certainly full of joy

The reason being that from August, RSS-BJP men will be the real 'rulers' of India. It is a certainty that the next President and Vice President of India, along with the Prime Minister - the 'Teen Murti' - will be from the BJP. 

Amit Shah is of the opinion that the 2014 mandate, which Narendra Modi got, was for the BJP. This can be interpreted as a mandate for a BJP President and the Vice President as well. RSS and BJP leaders have quietly begun to push as many as their cadre men into the President's Secretariat and also the Vice President's Office. 

According to an estimate, there are 25 positions in the President's Secretariat, which Amit Shah wants to fill with BJP cadre. Similarly, in the Vice President's Secretariat, there are 15 senior level appointments which are also expected to be filled by a combination of BJP and RSS cadre. BJP leaders openly claim that there will be lots of skeletons in the Rajya Sabha Chairman's office that will tumble out soon. 


Delhi's Babudom is busy with the Presidential Swearing-in on July 25, 2017, in the Central Hall of Parliament

Since it is an ellaborative exercise for the Government of India, coordination amongst 20 Ministries and 10 Security agencies is crucial. Union Home Secretary Rajiv Maharishi held a meeting last week with officials, who are ready with their plans of action, according to the 'Standard Operating Procedure' of the function. 

This session was attended by the Military Secretary to the President of India, representatives of the Prime Minister's Office, Parliament House Central Public Works Department, Director General of Doordarshan, the DG of All India Radio news, Deputy Director of Special Protection Group, the Commissioner of Police and the Joint Director of the Intelligence Bureau. 

This meeting deliberated in detail, keeping the 2012 Pranab Mukherjee swearing-in ceremony in mind. A short film on the procedure was also shown. Military Secretary to the President, Major General Anil Khosla, also presented a video of the procession from the main entrance of the Parliament to the Central Hall. A full dress rehearsal will be conducted on July 22.


R Rajagopalan is a senior journalist based in New Delhi. The views expressed here are his own and do not reflect those of Asianet Newsable. 

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