By Team Asianet Newsable | 07:55 AM March 13, 2017
Visakhapatnam brings relief to commuters with digital meters for autos


  • Visakhapatnam finally starts implementing digital meters for auto rickshaws.
  • The fare will be around ₹20 for the first 1.5kms and it later adds ₹15 per km.
  • The implementation will be completed this month. 

Mechanical meters can be tampered with and were quite frustrating until they were almost booted out back in 2013. The latest to join the digital meter brigade, much to the relief of commuters, is Vishakhapatnam.

The installation of digital meters has begun in Visakhapatnam and will be completed by March. After months of delay, commuters will now be able to ride in auto rickshaws fitted with digital meters rather than the easily tampered mechanical ones.


The fare will be around ₹20 for the first 1.5kms and it later add ₹15 for per km. Drivers claim that people prefer sharing to save costs. On the other hand, this would put put an end to auto drivers fleecing commuters, by talking them on sharing basis and charging more amount for a particular distance.


However, it is to be seen if drivers would take commuters using the digital meters. For instance, in Bengaluru, on several occasions, the drivers refuse to ply by meter or ask additional amount on top of the charge on the meter.


In Vizag, there are over 4000 auto rickshaws and about 60 percent do not have a license, according to Deccan Chronicle. According to the report, the Road Transport Authority is coordinating with the city traffic police to ensure there are no registrations for autos without a digital meter.

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